About us

HRID has over 20 years of experience in developing assessment tools that suit different organizational workforce selection needs, in a web-friendly environment. Our solutions have been developed by human resources professionals, academics, and experts in the field of psychometric testing. HRID’s success comes from their innovative spirit, and their customer experience.

A partner of choice

EPSI Inc. is the leading distributor of HRID assessment solutions. An indispensable complement to our solutions, their team of experts offers you:

  • Advice and guidance on our assessment tools
  • Interactive training on psychometric tools
  • A personalized solution for your evaluation needs

EPSI’s consultants will make it easier for you to target the best candidates, reduce your turnover rate, improve your productivity and increase your overall performance.

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A pioneering and an expert in the field of assessment and competencies, HRID carries out extensive research and publishes numerous articles in its area of expertise. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the many articles published by business professionals.


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