The ID-Verification (Ver), previously Data Verification and Classification Test (VERIF-AT), is a tool designed to assess the candidate’s ability to find data transcription errors in various documents and to perform data filing during a timed period.


Available languages

French | English

Required time

18 minutes


21 Questions | Multiple Choice

Target audience

Any organization wishing to assess the competencies associated with an administrative support position.

Assessed Skills

Standard Report

Presents an overall score on an individual’s ability to trace data transcription errors and perform data filing. Assesses the following competency:

- Administrative skills: Can quickly and accurately compare data and information from a variety of sources to identify any discrepancies.

Key points

    • Determine how quickly your candidates can find data transcription errors and classify data
    • Get instant results
    • Increase your organizational efficiency
    • Receive a simple yet detailed report

Take even more advantage of

Combine the ID-Verification with the ID-Administrative
to create a complete evaluation solution.

Combine the ID-Verification with the training plans
to ensure a professional development process.