ID-Oral English

The ID-Oral English (Oen), previously English Oral Communication Test (OCT-EN), is a tool that measures how effectively a person can communicate orally in English. The themes and questions of the ID-Oral English test are designed to assess the candidates’ comprehension and oral expression skills in terms of vocabulary, verbs, syntax, rhythm, logic, and register.


Available languages


Required time

30 minutes


15 questions | Development

Target audience

All positions in an organization that requires the ability to communicate orally, in English, with various stakeholders.

Assessed Skills

Standard Report

Assesses the Oral communication competency. It evaluates six criteria related to the level of expression, as well as comprehension:

- Vocabulary
- Rhythm
- Logic
- Verbs
- Syntax
- Register

The report provides an overall result for each measured element and detailed results as well as the percentile results for each of the measured elements.

Key points

    • Quickly identify your candidates’ potential and talent for oral communication
    • Encourage professional bilingual oral communication at your organization
    • Get results in less than 24 hours
    • Receive a simple yet detailed report outlining your candidates’ results

Take even more advantage of
ID-Oral English

Combine the ID-Oral English with the ID-Written English or ID-Written English/Pro or ID-Written English/Adm
to create a complete evaluation solution.

Combine the ID-Oral English with the training plans
to ensure a professional development process.