ID-Emotional Intelligence

The ID-Emotional Intelligence (Emo), previously Emotional Intelligence Test (EIT), is a personality test that measures a person’s ability to deal with and manage their own emotions and those of others. The results of this test allow you to understand how you or your employees are able to decode emotions, use them in daily interactions, and anticipate people’s behaviour.


Available languages

French | English

Required time

30 minutes


169 Questions | True or False

Target audience

All levels of positions in an organization. Intended for an adult population in a development context.

Assessed Skills

Standard Report

Presents the results of individuals according to the CART model. This model determines individuals’ level of emotional intelligence in relation to four basic elements:

- Contact
- Adjustment
- Reaction
- Treatment

Presents the results in separate sections: Introduction, Summary of Results and Detailed Results.

Key points

    • Measure your participants’ emotional intelligence
    • Provide avenues for further development on aspects related to emotional intelligence
    • Improve employee retention
    • Obtain valid and reliable results

Take even more advantage of
ID-Emotional Intelligence

Combine the ID-Emotional Intelligence with the ID-Leadership or ID-Career
to create a complete evaluation solution.

Combine the ID-Emotional Intelligence with the training plans
to ensure a professional development process.