ID-User Service

The ID-User Service (Clu), previously User Services Test (TH-USR), is a tool that assesses a candidate’s ability to respond appropriately to various scenarios related to the delivery of services to users. This assessment exercise is specifically designed to fill positions in which customer service plays an important role. The questions are based on short role-play scenarios that may occur during interactions with a user.


Available languages

French | English

Required time

1 hour


28 Questions | Multiple Choice

Target audience

Any organization that wishes to evaluate competencies related to user service.

Assessed Skills

Standard Report

Assesses the following competencies:

- Problem-solving
- Ability to transmit information
- Interpersonal communication
- Being client-oriented

Presents an overall test result for each measured item as well as detailed results for each of these items.

Key points

    • Quickly identify your candidates’ potential and user services skills
    • Get instant results
    • Receive a simple yet detailed report outlining your candidates’ ability to serve your users

Take even more advantage of
ID-User Service

Combine the ID-User Service with the ID-Personality or ID-Cognitive
to create a complete evaluation solution.

Combine the ID-User Service with the training plans
to ensure a professional development process.