ID-First Line

The ID-First Line (Jpl), previously Situational Judgement Test - Front Line (SJT-FRONT), is a tool that measures the general competencies associated with good performance of front-line staff. This test assesses essential abilities and behaviours in several jobs through role-playing scenarios.


Available languages

French | English

Required time

30 minutes


48 Questions | Multiple Choice

Target audience

Any organization that wishes to evaluate the competencies related to front-line service.

Assessed Skills

Standardized Report

Assesses the following competencies:

- Ability to Work in a Team
- Adaptability
- Thoroughness
- Being results-oriented

For each item measured, the report presents a definition as well as the level of mastery. For the elements with the lowest level of mastery, interview questions are also suggested.

Key points

    • Optimize selection costs
    • Improve your staffing processes
    • Improve the quality of your workforce
    • Ensure a high internal promotion rate

Take even more advantage of
ID-First Line

Combine the ID-First Line with the ID-Personality or ID-Cognitive
to create a complete evaluation solution.

Combine the ID-First Line with the training plans
to ensure a professional development process.