The ID-Values/Dot (Vld), previously Organizational Values Test – Pyramid Format – Version B (OVT-PYR-VB), is a tool used to assess the organizational and work values of an individual, a working group, or a company. This tool looks at the fit between an organization’s values and those of candidates or employees for selection or development purposes. Compared to the ID-Values version, this variant evaluates only 34 organizational values, and does not evaluate work values.


Available languages

French | English

Required time

25 minutes


1 Question | Ranking of values

Target audience

Any organization that wishes to favour a strategic orientation centred on organizational values.

Assessed Skills

Standard Report

Identifies which values the individual has chosen as the ones that the organization should prefer. This report presents the results based on the following:

- The importance of the values
- The distribution of the values (by category)
- The definition of the values

Comparison Report

Compares two sets of values associated with individuals or groups. The results are presented in four different sections:

- The order of importance of the values.
- Identification of common or unique values.
- The concordance of the two sets of values.
- A visual comparison of the importance given to each of the values.

Key points

    • Identify organizational values through a consultation process
    • Ensure a stronger fit between a person and the organization (P-O fit)
    • Improve employee engagement and retention

Take even more advantage of

Combine the ID-Values/Dot with the ID-Personality or ID-Cognitive
to create a complete evaluation solution.

Combine the ID-Values/Dot with the training plans
to ensure a professional development process.