Dimensions: Personality


Why measure personality types in an organization?

Personality testing provides valuable insights into an individual’s personality type and fit in an organization or a specific work position. All potential candidates and employees possess a unique personality as well as a unique set of traits and behaviours that will determine their affinity with your organization. However, all these factors cannot be assessed solely through a job interview.

Our tests provide insights into a candidate’s compatibility with your corporate culture, as well as valuable insights into their communication style, their behaviour in the workplace, their potential career trajectory and much more: all valuable information when picking the best candidate for a work position.

What is the ID-Personality test?

The ID-Personality (Tac), previously named Work Approach and Behaviour Test (WABT), is a personality inventory that measures normal personality at work in a selection context. It is designed to evaluate critical approaches and behaviours in daily work situations, thus providing an accurate profile of the candidate’s personal characteristics.

ID-Emotional Intelligence

The ID-Emotional Intelligence (Emo) is a personality test that first identifies your preferred style among 16 major personality types and then describes the consequences of this style in various contexts. It provides information on the management of your emotions and your interactions with others. It is therefore a comprehensive portrait that will help you get a better understanding of your style, your emotions, and your preferences.