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The ID-Entrepreneurship (Ent) is designed to assess the key characteristics of potential entrepreneurs that distinguish themselves by their success in business. The test covers all the important aspects of entrepreneurship, i.e. the conditions for success, the ability to take risks, the motivation, and interest in becoming an entrepreneur, the personal characteristics that are necessary to carry out such a project and the concrete intention to start a business.

ID-Oral English

ID-Oral English (Oen), previously Oral Communication Test (OCT-EN), is a language and skills assessment tool that measures an individual’s proficiency and competence levels in communicating effectively orally in English. 

The ID-Oral English topics and questions are designed to assess candidates’ comprehension skills via comprehension questions. Speaking skills are assessed by conducting a structured interview covering areas of vocabulary, verbs, syntax, rhythm, logic, fluency, oral production, and language level.

ID-Written French/Pro

The ID-Written French/Pro (Efp), previously French Written Communication Exercise for Professionals (WCE-PRO-FR), assesses a person’s ability to communicate in writing using the French language in a work context. This test assesses the candidate’s ability to express their ideas in writing using appropriate and accurate language to convey information clearly and effectively in French.

Our French language tests are particularly useful in Québec, where French is the official language and the national language.