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The ID-Sales (Vnt), previously Sales Skills Test (SALESSKILLS-AT), is a tool to assess the sales potential of candidates by evaluating the skills and essential competencies of a successful salesperson. This test and these sales assessment questions allow organizations to identify individuals who possess the skills required to deal with an increasingly demanding clientele. It can also help you adjust the sales quotas of your team of sales employees.


The ID-Analysis (Ana) is a tool that assesses cognitive ability, specifically the capacity to perform an analysis and provide written recommendations. Special attention is also given to spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation.


The ID-Management/Staff Operations (Gci), previously National Society of Ocean Energy In-Basket Exercise (NSOE-IB), is used to assess the ability to react to management situations likely to be encountered in the context of a middle management position evolving in an administrative context and the dynamic approach taken by a manager.


The ID-Entrepreneurship (Ent) is designed to assess the key characteristics of potential entrepreneurs that distinguish themselves by their success in business. The test covers all the important aspects of entrepreneurship, i.e. the conditions for success, the ability to take risks, the motivation, and interest in becoming an entrepreneur, the personal characteristics that are necessary to carry out such a project and the concrete intention to start a business.

ID-Written French/Pro

The ID-Written French/Pro (Efp), previously French Written Communication Exercise for Professionals (WCE-PRO-FR), assesses a person’s ability to communicate in writing using the French language in a work context. This test assesses the candidate’s ability to express their ideas in writing using appropriate and accurate language to convey information clearly and effectively in French.

Our French language tests are particularly useful in Québec, where French is the official language and the national language.


The ID-Leadership (Ldr), previously Leadership (LEAD-R), is a leadership assessment tool designed to accurately measure key aspects of leadership related to recruitment, succession development, and coaching. This questionnaire, based on the most recent theories, assesses  the essential factors of leadership.

ID-Values Test

The ID-Values Test (OVT), previously Organizational Values Test – Pyramid Format (OVT-PYR), is a tool used to assess and study the organizational values of managers, employees, or candidates within a working group, or an organization.

ID-Problem-Solving Test

The ID-Problem Solving test (Trp), previously Problem Resolution Test (PRT), is an online assessment solution that measures various cognitive skills associated with general intelligence. In other words, this test is used to measure problem-solving ability during the structured problem-solving process to evaluate real-life problem-solving performance as well as social problem solving.

It allows for a more precise measurement of the ability to analyze an item and solve problems using a logical or deductive reasoning approach. In particular, it uses several cognitive learning and adaptive skills that require a strong ability to analyze and draw accurate conclusions and scores about different versions of concerns.


The ID-Career Test (Car), previously Test 20/20 Career (20/20 Career), is a tool that allows participants to quickly identify their career interests and evaluate their degree of suitability (fit) for the desired position and career path, taking into account their skills and personality. This assessment tool was specifically designed for people looking for job opportunities or seeking professional mobility. The test, which just takes 30 minutes to complete, allows candidates to see where they stand regarding more than 1,500 jobs listed by the main job dictionaries. Get your career test reports in real time!

If you’re a college student or an established professional looking for a career move or the ideal career in a new career field, our career test (or career assessment) is the one you need. You don’t need to go through multiple career quizzes, personality types, or personality tests and questionnaires.  The ID-Career Test will provide you with all the information you need.


The ID-Cognitive (Cog), previously Work Applied Cognitive Ability Test (WAC-AT), is an assessment tool that measures various cognitive skills associated with general intelligence. More specifically, it measures the ability to reason logically and the ability to perform verbal, numerical, and spatial mental operations.


Why measure personality types in an organization?

Personality testing provides valuable insights into an individual’s personality type and fit in an organization or a specific work position. All potential candidates and employees possess a unique personality as well as a unique set of traits and behaviours that will determine their affinity with your organization. However, all these factors cannot be assessed solely through a job interview.

Our tests provide insights into a candidate’s compatibility with your corporate culture, as well as valuable insights into their communication style, their behaviour in the workplace, their potential career trajectory and much more: all valuable information when picking the best candidate for a work position.

What is the ID-Personality test?

The ID-Personality (Tac), previously named Work Approach and Behaviour Test (WABT), is a personality inventory that measures normal personality at work in a selection context. It is designed to evaluate critical approaches and behaviours in daily work situations, thus providing an accurate profile of the candidate’s personal characteristics.

ID-Emotional Intelligence

The ID-Emotional Intelligence (Emo) is a personality test that first identifies your preferred style among 16 major personality types and then describes the consequences of this style in various contexts. It provides information on the management of your emotions and your interactions with others. It is therefore a comprehensive portrait that will help you get a better understanding of your style, your emotions, and your preferences.